Creating is my passion and I am in gratitude!

I am Winter. I create spiritual tools and jewelry from crystals and stones. All the stones speak to me, and I create from that space. I make two main styles of meditation beads: Malas, from the Buddhist tradition, and Paidirean, from the Celtic tradition.

The Paidirean (Gaelic. pron PAH-jur-in) is a 150- bead prayer and meditation necklace. It originates with St. Columcille, a very early Irish monk who was raised in a pagan family (and was likely a Druid, although that is not proven). He has a fascinating history and in later years founded a monastery on Iona, a sacred Druid site that still exists today.

In my interpretation, the Paidirean represents the three phases of life, or of the goddess, in Celtic and Druidic lore - birth, life and death, or maiden, mother, crone. 

Malas are used in meditation to help keep track of the mantra. The number 108 is considered a sacred number in Hinduism, Buddhism and yogic tradition and malas are used for devotional meditation, mantra and prayer. 

 I make all my pieces by hand, drawing on spirit for inspiration and guidance. They are made with intention, spiritual direction, and mindfulness. The combinations of stones are dictated by the feel of the stones themselves as I assemble the piece. Use them in good health!
Mo Bheannacht do d'Anam! ❤️

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