About Winter's Work

About Winter's Work

Welcome to my world, full of creativity, support, and peace for you soul.

I create my jewelry using semi-precious stones and crystals. Each piece is carefully crafted with intention, clarity, and purpose. Many people use them for meditation, in ritual practice, or as a touchstone in their daily lives.

My primary form is the Paidirean (Gaelic. pron PAH-jur-in). The Paidirean is a 150- bead prayer and meditation necklace, used to keep track of meditation mantras or as a physical reminder of your intention. The practice originates with Columcille of Donegal, an important figure in Druid lore and founder of a sacred site on Iona in Scotland that still exists today.

In my interpretation, the Paidirean represents the three phases of life, or of the goddess, in Celtic and Druidic lore - birth, life and death, or maiden, mother, crone. Looking at the path of our life in sets of three can be helpful in understanding the natural circle that all things complete, whether they are animals, plants, or even ideas. The natural process of creation, participation and letting go is a way for us to bring meaning to the ups and downs of our lives.


Mo Bheannacht do d'Anam!

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